Happy new day to you my dear blog reader and contributor. Here is a fictional Piece by PAUL FASORO. Enjoy and share your thoughts. Thanks.


Akinkunle, a talented, handsome and optimistic young man bubbling with all the youthful energy he possesses; writes songs with such dexterity that is captivating! Whenever he sings those well crafted songs, you would know that all he needed was a mic accompanied with other instruments and gbam, he would be a hit. He is loved and cherished by almost all.

Akin-K- as he is fondly called has no hiding place on campus. He was a gold fish! Even the lecturers loved him too. He stayed off-campus, and  dedicated Friday evenings for his personal rehearsal. He would sit under a nearby tree with his guitar to play and rehearse, starting with popular songs and then followed by his own songs. The highlight of everything is when he accompanies his songs with the guitar, the audience are transferred into realms, everyone loved Akin-K!

In a matter of time, Akin-K attracted a regularly growing crowd. It started with his housemates going to listen to him as a sort of relaxation from the week’s work, until passers by noticed him, and then the crowd grew to about 50. It was like he had his private shows under the tree every weekend. Some of his fans would go to the extent of spraying money on him, while others would buy him gifts. He received a lot of favours, even from the most exotic girls on campus.

For example, Sumbo!

Sumbo, unarguably beautiful, high maintenance with her signature cat eyes, classy wears and designer weaves made her the cynosure of all eyes. She has got hot legs, and her curves- they were flawless. She would make passersby drop their jaws while staring at her carriage as she walks by majestically on campus. She could afford to hire a personal taxi driver on standby to take her wherever she desires-although rumor has it that she owns the cab.

And as much as men tried, no one has had a successful relationship with her. She could dance with you at the club, or go out to dinner with you -if you could afford it, but that was the end. Some big boys on campus concluded she was proud. She weirdly however  had a taste for men that no one could comprehend. Sumbo has been with strange men- men who had nothing in common, like Bolu (who was best student in his class), Sola (whose academics was horrible but not his football career) and now Akin-K!

They had met under the tree. Akin-K could not get his mind off her throughout that evening’s show. He even forgot his lyrics at some point but covered up with his guitar that everybody loved. After the day’s event, he noticed that she still hung around with some of her friends. He quickly made the move and got her mobile phone number and name. She even offered him a ride home on the cab only to realize that he lived nearby.

One thing led to another, and they became an item. They were seen together on campus and they visited some of the expensive places in town, except that She paid their bills as Akin could not afford it.

Their love was the talk of the campus.

One afternoon, Sumbo paid him a visit, the rain had just stopped, the weather seemed in agreement, cozy enough to desire a cuddle! It was definitely the best time to make love-for the first time! And they did!
Akin-K realised that this was a different “favour” from all the ones he had ever received from the girls.

Once they were done, she stood up and asked what time was it. 5:30 he said, “Are you in a hurry?” No, she said with a smile, and spoke to herself “Another one gone”.

What do you mean? Akin-K asked. She flashed her well- set dentition and smiled “Oh, nothing”
She answered.

What Akin-K didn’t know was much. For Sumbo was not an ordinary girl! She had come to campus with one aim: to change destinies! Any man who has intercourse  with her, from that moment, has few years to live except he discovered and sought help- She was HIV positive, and for Akin-K, the superstar, the clock had started ticking.

After that day, she changed her behavior to him, everything went from sweet to sour. He wondered for a few days why she behaved like that, but he quickly got carried away by the next campus girl willing to show him “favor”.

Two years afterwards, Sumbo is no more on campus. She just disappeared! Some said her parents took her out of the country, while others said her academic performance was so bad that she voluntarily withdrew. No one actually knew her whereabouts.

Akin-K still sings under the tree on Fridays, except that on the last Fridays of each month; where he makes huge  money from the sales of tickets. He eventually bought his first car and will graduate in another 8 months. Despite this affluence however, the thought of his HIV status leaves him depressed, he has not recovered from the shock after receiving the news. Sadly, he does not even know which of his sexual partners transmitted the virus to him- a secret only Sumbo knows. He has no one to blame but himself for the consequences of his carelessness.

P.S Dear youth, beware. Some free things are sometimes dangerous.