Hi there, do you know that its a priviledge to see another year? Many longed for it badly, they could will all their property just to have life but alas..they are gone. So even if 2016 did not go as planned, there is still something to be grateful for-LIFE.

It is another year, for me its

Another year to love God;
Who loves me more than I can imagine.

Another year to serve God; Who gave his son for me.

Another year to trust God;
Who is always dependable.

Another year to build relationships;
Because no man is an island.

Another year to forgive;
Because I was first forgiven.

Another year to care;
Because somebody needs my love.

Another year to share;
Because there is love in sharing.

Another year to give;
Because givers never lack.

Another year to grow;
Because I cant afford to be stagnant.

Another year  to be better; Because I am not who I can be yet.

Its another year for me, with high hopes, dreams and aspirations.

What do you see this year as?