Hi there, how is  the week going? I trust its going well but then even though it’s not going well….how motivated are you?

So in a bid to continue my self development  process I stopped by the bookstore and while going through the shelf I overheard a conversation  between  two people and one of them mentioned the tittle of a book and how good it was. That was it- I was glued to it and purchased it. I found the worth of book to be more than its monetary worth.

I would  bring lessons learnt from time to time and would really love you to purchase it. It’s good for keeps!

Today I am bringing to you the power of self motivation.

Self motivation  requires at least these five qualities:

1- Enthusiasm. To stay motivated,  You have got to have goals that excite you and a plan that gives you instant feedback.

2- A positive outlook. Even when your circumstances may not be the best, you have to look on the positive side to stay motivated,  because your subconscious mind accepts the information you give it.

3-A positive physiology. Changing your physiology  can help you change your attitude. Notice how different you feel when you smile, sit up straight, hold your head up high or walk with purpose.

4- Positive memories. Good memories are money in the bank when it comes to shifting from a negative attitude to a positive one. When you are feeling down and out, you can always tap into a memory  that reminds you of how good  life can be. Keep positive records of events, notes, emails,gifts,letters from people. And don’t forget to write positive letters to people. You will find it improves your attitude because  what comes around goes around.

5- A belief in yourself and your God-given potential.  When you know and believe in your uniqueness,  You want to develop those talents and see them manifest.

I hope you picked something. Share with us other things you think can help self motivation.


Purchase it and thank me later.CHEERS