Hi everyone, after many months of sweet talk…I finally get an article from the busy Aanu Odedere, long overdue right? YES. She throws in a few words of hope to someone out there struggling with one need or the other. Enjoy, be encouraged and share!


As Olaide dropped the phone, her heart was filled with so much sadness. Atinuke has got a job too, she thought to herself, and I am yet to earn a salary my whole life. “Haaa!” She exclaimed.

She leaned forward and sunk into her usual depressing thoughts. Atinuke just completed her youth service last month, and she has already gotten a job. To make matters worse; Atinuke is her friend’s younger sister, who graduated 3 years after she left school. Life can be so unfair, She imagines.

As she rested her chin on her hands, tears flowed down her cheeks. Yet her mum keeps saying  “your time will come”. It is a phrase she has gotten used to in her recent years. It is what she hears from friends, neighbors and even strangers. She concluded it was some sort of eulogy for people who will never make it.

The last time she thought her time had finally come; she got a job in a private school, worked there for 3 months before she eventually resigned. She was never paid a dime, looked like some post-graduation community service.

She was tired of the shame. Nothing was working; No job, No money, No husband No career growth. She has had enough, and she was going to end it. Death seems a better consolation than this struggle.

Lying down on the carpet of the one room apartment, her brother rented for her, she picked her phone to type her good-bye message to the world that rejected her progress, her joy and success.

Just then a message came in on her phone, it was her mum, she could see it from the notification tab. She scrolled to the message icon to read her message, at least it wasn’t a bad idea to read her mum’s last message before proceeding to pay homage to God.

But it wasn’t the last, it was the word of hope she needed; she didn’t miss it.

While you wait, keep striving. It may not look like what you want but it is still part of God’s plan. Only those who sow reap, even when you sow in tears you will reap in joy! There is no harvest for those who sleep during the time of sowing. Your major break will happen, but even now, it’s your time, take hold of it!

That was it for her; unlike many other messages, this one stirred much hope within her and she once again had the courage to live knowing fully well that her time of progress is just around the corner..

Welcome to your month of new beginnings.