Hi there, so today is World Pharmacists Day and as an active member of the noble profession, I cannot keep quiet about it.

Yes, the Pharmacist especially the community Pharmacist is the most accessible member of the healthcare team…if you doubt it, go do some research. So I am using this opportunity to celebrate myself and colleagues all over the world, to celebrate everyone ranging from the Researcher in the lab to the Dispenser at the Pharmacies. Great job done to us all.

MOI- Researcher and Community Pharmacist

Studying and graduating as a pharmacist is not an easy feat(Let us not go into the details) and then practicing is another level of experience on its own.

Kudos to the Pharmacist-Researcher in the lab that is every day faced with the task of bringing new innovations to the fore;  Special thanks to the Hospital Pharmacist who work both day and night duties to make sure patients have access to drugs at any time of the day; the community and public health Pharmacists that stand at the fore front of providing information and care to the populace; Pharmacists in manufacturing and detailing organisations are so important, they make the finished products available  to everyone with less stress  and lastly the Pharmacists in other fields- policy making, regulatory affairs and even politics, everyone is so important. Well done to everyone.

Well done to everyone
You all did a great work. Kudos
The students were not left out.
Stay calm, Pharmacist at work.
People listening with rapt attention

I am also using this medium to greet my colleagues in Osun State, Nigeria for organising a free health screening at Zoroth Pharmacy Osogbo, a Public health awareness  campaign on Crown FM Ile-Ife
and a Deworming exercise in a secondary School as well. For all the efforts put into all these programs, I say a very big Welldone to everyone. Let us keep up the good work.

On a final note, As men of honour let US continue to join hands together and to our esteemed Clients always feel free to ask your Pharmacist any question whatsoever.

P.S: Happy birthday to my Pharmacist Friend- Pharm (Mrs) Oluwatobi Oriola who was also born on World Pharmacist day. Greater Heights mon amie.