Hi there,so there is a new contributor to the blog. I have known him since our undergraduate days and he has got some good writing skills. I wont go further with the introduction,lets hear him in his own words…

“Dynamic pharmacist and entrepreneur who utilize proficient clinical orientation, effective communication and teamwork to execute solutions that creates value. I am motivated by innovation and thus I like to try new things, hence, I don’t stop learning. I am ‘Tobi Olakojo”

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When I started making some few coins from my small business, I thought it wise to open an account in the name of the business in this new bank in my area. Of course, it was not the best in town but my reason for choosing to be a customer was not farfetched; I just needed a place where I can transact my business in little or no time. Yes, I am a Nigerian, I am not that patient. Besides, the queue in some banks could make the most patient person lose his calm.

It’s all been going smoothly until after some 4 months when my internet banking platform started to malfunction and since it was not resolved, I became a regular face in the bank as I have to do my transactions over the counter. Few weeks into that, another challenge of transferring funds to my business clients arose, I complained severally to my account officer and nothing was done. I stopped patronizing the bank and thus moved to another place, though far away but with more satisfying services.

Joyfully, I join the queue whenever I enter this banking hall because they make me feel at home. My new account officer checks on me like I’m the only customer of the bank, sends me text messages almost every weekend wishing me a splendid week ahead, calls occasionally to find out how I am doing and if I’m enjoying the services they offer and all of that could sweep me off my balance like, “what if I am now transacting in millions?” It was then that it dawned on me why they have so many customers queuing to transact business with them every time as against my former place.
Just few weeks ago, my former account officer beeped me on whatsapp and all he said was, “Hello Tobi, long time, guess you are good” and I responded, “Yeah, good evening. How’s work and your end in general?” and he replied, “Fine”. That was the end of the conversation.

In my small brain, I began to make comparison of my previous bank with my new found love, the communication and relationship of the account officers and I discovered that attitude is the difference. Now, this is why I am writing this, earlier this week, I received this SMS from my former bank, “Dear customer, we wish to inform you that our …………. branch will be permanently closed to customers effective 30th June 2016. You can however transact from our ………branch. We regret any inconveniences caused by this closure.” I read that text and in my mind I said, don’t regret any inconveniences; you should regret your poor services and the attitude of your employed staff. Obviously, the branch was not making profit and losing customers to other banks due to their poor services and attitude of the employees which consequentially will amount to some or all of the staff to lose their job.

Attitude is an inward thought that wiggles it way out, it cannot be concealed. A bad attitude can literally block love, prevent blessings and debar destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed. Attitude is key!
I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of the banking hall experience. You may like to share yours in the comment space below. Gracias.