Hi there…so sorry I have been momentarily unavaliable….I had a lot on my plate this week. So its Paul Fasoro bringing up an interesting topic today. Do enjoy and be nice enough to share.


Officially, the Nigeria is in a state of economic crises. The roads are bad, the food is still in the market and the people can’t buy. Salaries are unpaid, business stopped faring well. Everybody is in a recess and a lot of people are not motivated simply put- morale is hyper low.

To add salt to injury, the older generation faked their age, so they are still working at 70, the young people are spending their productive period trying to get a Job or looking for capital to start a business. The government? Oh no! That’s talk for another day. Everyone is corrupt at some point. Matter of factly, Nigeria is not so much a fun place to be right now, no matter your status…you would still feel its impact.

But first, let me tell you a story from the BOOK OF LIFE.

It got so bad in Samaria many years ago that women became selfless carnivals, because when they started their cannibalism, it was with their own kids. They were really hungry!
The man of God heard, spoke a word, and declared that in 24 hours, the price of food would crash.
It wasn’t an international product. Even if they were to import food, Its not going to arrive in 24 hours. If they planted (and there was no hybrids at the time), It would take months. It wasn’t logical! So the minister for agriculture and stomach infrastructure said “MOG, even if by some ways, gravitational force would bring food from the skies, the price of food can’t drop that fast”.

Then the verdict was given: He would see it happen, coordinate its distribution, but he would not taste it!

Something happened, food was found by lepers, but it didn’t matter if they were ceremonially unclean. Food became surplus, excessively too. Nobody had to buy, but everyone had some excess in their rooms. The price of food did crash!

The honourable minister was at his duty post, but who cared about protocol in the face of hunger. Where was he when the people died of hunger? Oga park well! He was trampled upon, and gbam! every word of the Prophet came to pass!

You remember, that situation in your life?; Those resources that seem insufficient?; That problem that makes it seem God is busy with everyone else but you? There will soon be surplus!

I’m not a pastor, and don’t intend to be one, unless God calls me but, I know for sure, that in this country, salary advance will come back, businesses will move again, “start small” will make sense again because you’ll know if you start small, you won’t remain small. You just need to believe!

Till we meet to discuss the lessons in the story, expect the surplus!

Glossary: Awoof is a Nigerian pidgin word for surplus or free things. Gbam is an exclamation

P.S: Stay tuned for part two