Hi there, this is the continuation of the thoughtful piece by Fasoro Paul.. Do enjoy and kindly share. Thanks


Do you remember our Samaritan awoof story?

I decided to draw out a few lessons as promised.

Lesson 1: Don’t stop yourself!
When God wants to help you, He does it. He is God! He made all things. No one can stop Him. Not your sins, or your doubts! Not even your faith. However, when you refuse to believe God, you can stop yourself from receiving from Him.
It may not make sense. It may be politically, economically, financially and even really impossible; but God will do it.

Actually with God, there is no realism. Don’t be realistic when it comes to your dealings with him. The eyes of the realist only sees the old things that God made, but God says He will “make all things new”!

Lesson 2: Don’t create permanent problems while solving temporary ones.
Imagine someone ate her own son, because she was hungry! Another man sold his birthright for half a plate of porridge! Many people steal, engage in prostitution and other crimes because “there’s no job”. We can blame them, but are we innocent? From drug usage to the food we eat; the friends we move with and even the career paths we choose. We are all guilty at some point.

That woman who ate her son? Can you imagine how she felt when a few days later there was surplus food in town. Beware!

Lesson 3: Everyone is important!
If two lepers saved a city, then that gateman, bus driver and his conductor, the beggar on the street, those homeless people in your community; they are all important!

Lesson 4: Tough times never lasted, even before Robert H. Schuller said it.
Tough times? They only make us tougher and stronger. If we keep up the fight, we will outlast them. They were not made to kill us, but to push us to new horizons. Its just nature’s way of naturally selecting the best. Are you part of us? Stay strong! Like the Samaritans did. If only you keep running, you would realise that even the “spirit” under the masquerade also gets tired. Awoof dey come!

NB: Awoof is a Nigerian pidgin word for surplus.