Hi there, it has been a while since I blogged and all my contributors seem to be having writers’ block as well; kindly pray for us ooo. LOL
So I have been working on a book with a friend and once we are done with, you will get it at a ridiculously affordable price. Till then, Stay tuned!


It is the end of another month and we have just two months left to the end of another year. I have been taking some deep breathe and ruminating on what I achieved this year and wondering if things actually went as I proposed. Well, maybe in the grand scheme of things I can say things went fairly well but sincerely, I wished I achieved more because I always aspire to great things.

So, for you, can you say things went as planned or is this another wasted year?

I want you to know that at this point in time, you need to keep taking baby steps towards your dream. Watching a child grow is one of the most phenomenal things to witness – one week, he is struggling to achieve a developmental milestone (sometimes crying when stuck) and by the next week, he is doing it effortlessly and then trying the next thing again, just never giving up.

Do not get me wrong, sometimes, you need a giant leap as well. For example, when a child  has been trying to walk independently, he keeps taking little steps gradually until one day he decides I have to walk today, he defies all odds, takes the first step without a support and then the next and the next and viola he is now a walker. So there are times when we need to make a huge decision as well in other to achieve our big dream.

Finally, even after that huge success, he will still trip and fall and maybe even cry but he gets up again and continues.

I think, that is how we all should view life. Sometimes we have to move very gradually and slowly, sometimes we may struggle really hard but we should keep moving and progressing anyways.

So, as the year gradually spins to an end, Do not give up on your dreams: they are achievable, continue to take baby steps and do not be deterred by what people will say. CHEERS! I wish you and myself the best in the remaining days of this year.