Hey dear blog readers,

It is a new week and I know work/study/business is gradually taking a fast pace.

Just a reminder for you to be awesome. You never know who will be your helper!

Here is a real-life story.

A small business owner I know had goods to sell at a conference but was very carried away with logistics as she was also part of the planning and execution committee.  She booked a stand and displayed her wares but had little time to advertise to conference participants. By the third day she had not sold up to a quarter and that was not good for business.

Eventually she had a private encounter with a lady who was one of the MC (master of ceremony) at the event but with whom they did not have a very pleasant relationship at first encounter. The lady had purchased one of her wares but wanted to return it. due to low funds. She had to do a lot of convincing to let the lady retain the product, after a bargain, the entrepreneur agreed to reduce the price for the lady on account that she will announce to all conference participants.

The lady also suggested a price slash and promo discount for bulk buying which was welcomed by a number of the participants. By the end of the program, almost all her wares were sold.

If she had responded to the lady based on their first encounter, she would have missed out on the great opportunity to sell almost all her products.

If the lady too had responded to her in an unpleasant manner, she would have missed out on being a support to a small business owner.

Let us just try to remain as awesome as we can. We never know who it will bless!

I hope your week is an awesome one as well. CHEERS!