Hiii there, let me drive home my point with a short story, grab a seat, pick a pen and draw out lessons.


Ada had been  calling her husband on the phone for the past three hours and the call hasn’t been going through.

“I really don’t know what is wrong with this man, he is mostly likely out with some strange woman because this is very unlike him. I don’t know what else he wants from a woman that I do not give him- my body, my career, my beauty…just everything just to satisfy him. I have been suspecting his late night entries of late and now he has decided to call my bluff and follow his fantasies. I would deal with him when he comes back” she soliloquizes

Husband comes home looking tired and disheveled.

“Good evening Ada” he says very dryly as he slums on the chair and starts to unbutton his shirt.

“My day was very terrible, if you witnessed what happened to me…you wouldn’t  wish your enemy to experience it…” he looked up at his wife when there wasn’t any response

Ada was all puffed up like a bloated balloon, fuming underneath her breath and giving side glances at her oblivious husband.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at her with questioning eyes, “What is the problem?”

“You stayed out late for over four hours and didn’t deem it fit to call me? Who knows where you have been? With another woman right? After all I have done and been through with you right?” 

“What are you talking about?” her husband  responds trying to keep his voice as calm as possible but yet looking very bewildered

“Are you asking me? I have been suspecting all your  late night entries of recent now and today you decided to.…”

“Babe take it easy…why not hear me out first”

“No, I wont, no amount of explanation would do” Ada responds at the top of her voice as she burst into tears and storms out of the living room

Her highly devastated husband quietly goes to the room and and drops his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, enters the bathroom and gives himself a much-needed wash before going back to the dining room to have his dinner.

“Thank God she didn’t decide to punish me by denying me dinner…that would be worse.”

He calmly eats his meal and takes his time to munch morsel as if that would be his last.

Finally, he goes into the room only to find his wife asleep.

“Ada wake up we need to talk”
She rolls over and curls back “Just leave me alone and go and meet your mistress”

“Babe…I was robbed today and narrowly escaped death”

She blinks her eyes abruptly and sits up “when, where, how come?”

“You should have at least listened to my own side of the story before concluding that I went with another woman”

Ada looked down with shame and guilt

“We have a deadline to meet at the office, so all of us have been working late since Monday, just as we were coming out of the office today, about five gun men approached us, fired their guns into the air and ordered us back into the office”

Ada let out a gasp and covered her mouth

“They held us hostage for three hours, collected all our phones, collected all the money we made from today’s  transactions and made sure they collected all the cash with us before they released us. They beat up those that did not cooperate but luckily they did not kill anyone” when we finally got over the shock we had to trek to the nearest atm to withdraw our transport fare back to our different destinations”

“I am sorry” Ada said not able to look at her husband in the eyes

“While I was coming home to the waiting arms of my wife after narrowly escaping death, she is  here throwing tantrums at what has not even happened…I am highly disappointed Ada”

“I am sorry, I thought…”

“Thought what? You don’t have any basis for all these your allegations yet. At least catch me red-handed before firing up. Anyway, that is what happened. I need to catch some good sleep. Our boss told us to take the Friday off and rest for the whole weekend before we resume on Monday to clear the mess…goodnight” he responds sharply and attempts to lie on the bed.

“I am sincerely sorry, I was just wondering what could have kept you this late and your number wasn’t going through…it never occurred to me that you were robbed.”

“Well…” her husband grunts not knowing what else to say

“I am sorry dear…kindly tell me I am forgiven”

“What can I do than to forgive you…that is the pact signed on the wedding day…It is for better or for worse”

“I feel very ashamed of myself right now…but I promise not to conclude hastily again”

“You are forgiven my dear wife” he said with a smile and hugged his wife

“You know that is one of the reasons I married you, you easily forgive”

“Oh, well…just don’t take it for granted”

“I won’t…I cross my heart but you know, you too should have just communicated me that you would be staying late at work and I won’t bother myself this much”

“Wow, that is true…it never occurred to me. I am sorry too”

“Let’s get to sleep..it’s quite late”

P.S: Just before we conclude about issues and people lets us(myself inclusive) try to continue to give people a benefit of doubt