Hi there, so its your girl Opeyemi Dorcas dropping a short fiction for your enjoyment. Enjoy and be nice enough to share with friends and colleagues. Thanks


“Hello Tade, I will arrive in Nigeria by 6pm and I have missed our local dishes. Please, can you make Amala and egusi soup with a lot of  ‘obstructions’ for dinner? You know what I mean right?”.

“Oh, yes I do” Tade responded, happy that her husband was coming back after a six – month training overseas.

Tade had been indulging herself and her children with any type of food. After all, the children would never complain. Not that she was negligent but being saddled with all the house chores, children’s upkeep, religious responsibilities and her career all alone for six months; food was sometimes the least priority especially during the week. She however tries to make it up during the weekend.

Now, her husband was coming back and she has to get back to her preparation of three-course meals even during the week. The good thing is that her husband would assist her as much as possible thus making it a lot more easier.

Thank God, it is a Saturday, she took her time and went back to sleep, woke up at 10.00 am, did a few house chores, made a light breakfast, made sure the children were clean and fed and tried to catch on the News at mid-day to cover up for the week.

By 2 pm, after having lunch with her children, she drove them to the market. “hey, stay here and remain calm, let me get a few things to buy, daddy is coming home today” she said as she parked her vehicle in the parking lot and stepped out. The children squealed with excitement at that announcement. they started jumping and shouting.

“I said behave yourselves, okay? she said sternly, they cowered and replied in unison “yes ma”.

With that cooperation, she let them and headed towards the stalls.

“Madam, I need grinded egusi”

“Ok, how much?”

“300 naira worth” she paid the woman and left.

 Tade  went to another stall to buy tomatoes and pepper and further proceeded to buy beef, stock fish, snail meat and smoked fish.

Just as she was about to pay for the last item, she heard a lot of noise coming from the direction of the parking lot and she noticed someone pointing in her direction. She hurriedly paid and rushed to the scene. Her son had tampered with the hand brake and the vehicle moved forward thus hitting the car in front.

People were shouting while the vehicle was moving but she was lucky because the vehicle in front was able to stop it, however with some little damage.

Beads of sweat formed on her face while people were blaming her for leaving the children in the car. Her daughter was crying and pointing to the boy. The boy was however sober-looking. The owner of the car arrived and made matters worse, he started shouting and being overtly hysterical.

Tade immediately called her mechanic to quickly come over to cost the extent of damage on the car.

As soon as the mechanic arrived, she took a bike to the nearest bank ATM to get some cash to give the owner of the car, after which she went home with her children. The boy kept apologizing all through the journey home but she was too furious to respond.

She got home and hurriedly started to prepare the dinner before her husband gets back, she was sure he would have been fagged out.

Just as she was finishing she heard a knock on the gate. It must be her husband, he was always in the habit of taking a taxi home when coming from such journeys rather than tell her to come, meet him at the airport. He feels it is a lot easier.

Her children were already super excited, they all rushed to the gate; Akin was back- in flesh and blood. There was so much squealing, hugs, kisses and laughing. When all that died down, they headed towards the dinning room to have dinner. As soon as she had served all of them, Akin said the prayers and they started eating.

Tade put some quantity into her mouth and squeezed her face, the soup was salty.

She was dejected.

Of all days, today that her husband was back. She was so unhappy, she looked at his face and saw that he was digging into the food without any sign that anything was wrong. Her children too kept eating. She looked confused.

“Am I the only one that noticed it or is it the excitement that is making them not realize the food was salty?” She wondered.

After dinner, there was a lot of catching up and they soon retired to their rooms.

Tade then told Akin about the incident at the market, he listened with rapt attention.

Finally he said ” No wonder the soup was salty, I just knew something was wrong”

“What? so you noticed” Tade said as she covered her face with her palms.

Do not ask me who cooked this oh, but you can salivate. LOL.

Akin took her in his arms, “Of course I did, my darling but I did not want to ruin the moment. I know my wife is a great cook and something must be wrong for that soup to be salty so I decided to ignore that and enjoy the moment.”

“But even our children too did not notice which was unusual” Tade said.

They are children, what do they know, moreover, I am so happy to be back home and that is far more important. I know there are more great meals coming”

“That is so sweet of you, I was so unhappy when I tasted the food and discovered. The whole incident of the day had stressed me”

“Yeah, apparently, lets get to sleep, we have thanksgiving to do at church tomorrow”

“Sure” Tade responded and they proceeded to bathe before sleeping.

PS: This post is dedicated to women who do far more behind the scene to keep the family moving forward. Thumbs up.