Best friends forever
I see a number of old couples follow themselves to the clinic. Probably, it is the wife that is ill with maybe arthritis (which is common) or hypertension. The man follows his wife everywhere, carries her hand bag, helps her to pay fees, even takes direction from the pharmacist and decides to explain to her at home. One would just watch them in amazement and discover that through thick and thin they have grown to be best friends (after all, you have to cherish what you have).
Now, I also see some house wives come to the hospital too, take the pain of going through all the protocols and when their prescription is eventually priced, they do  not have the money to pay for the drugs, some would say “my husband is out of town” and therefore they cannot pay for the drugs. Some would prefer to take the ailing child home. For some, they would have to call their husbands to come to the hospital to give them the money, and some husbands may not even come while some will come and shout at their wives. Really there are many reasons why a woman is a house wife but from my recent experiences, it is not really the best.
Finally I saw this young couple, the wife was pregnant and in her late twenties, her husband followed her around like a chicken would follow mother hen, he followed her to the physician, got the price of the drugs, went to pay for her, and they played and jested as they moved round. I was dazed, the looks in their eyes spoke volumes and one would know these are friends and not just mere couples. I was forced to ask the man if this was their first child and he said “no, second”, because I thought it must be their first but alas I was wrong.
And then I kept wondering at the different categories of people I met and what makes the difference, the first may not have been best of friends but they have learnt to tolerate each other and live well. The second group is stressed since only one person earns the income or earns a major chunk; the man is probably tensed and is unable to cope. The third category remains thrilling to me and I wish I could seat them down and ask questions but you know, in life, I have discovered that we generally click with some people than some others. So then I discovered that it is better to marry your best friend who makes you laugh, whom you can be real with, who accepts you just as you are and whom you are comfortable with. I wish myself and all unmarried people the best as I continue to wonder about the institution of marriage.