Hi everyone, it is the start of the new week. I hope your week is looking bright?

So, I stumbled on the word “breast the tape” recently and it made me think hard. I went searching and found out the phrase is used to mean “win a race”.

It is a phrase used in races. When a race is set, there is a tape at the finish line, first to indicate the line and also to help determine accurately who wins the race. The first person whose chest/breast hits the tape is the winner. It however does not mean others would not continue but anyone who does not reach that line set is not considered to have ended that race.

Life is like a marathon. Each one goes at the pace he/she is capable of, as much as everyone aspires to win, the main goal is to get to the finish line.

Some marathons have up to thousands of runners and only one person will be the winner, however everyone who gets to the finish line is handed a medal of participation.

In the long run, I feel that is how life actually is, we go at different paces but the most important thing is to get to the finish line (that is your goal).

Lesson: Do not go at another person’s speed. Of course, you can get motivated by a fellow man but always remember that the most important thing is to finish the race in good condition.

I pray your week is splendid. Cheers.