“We mortals are more apt to change our mind when right than when wrong; when wrong, we are stubborn but when right we vacillate and let opportunities slip by” I cannot remember who made the about statement or where I got the quote from but I remember writing it on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere so I could go back to ruminate on it. And I often find the statement very true.
I know of someone who after learning her lessons in the bitter way came to the conclusion that when she wants to take a decision of which she knows is beneficial and feels lazy or laid back, it is then she puts in extra efforts to accomplish that thing because she knows she would eventually regret it if she does not. How often we find ourselves at crossroads wondering which way to go and when we see the wrong way we plunge our heads on and neglect the right way. We sometimes feel that thing that looks good is too good to be true and therefore go the opposite direction.
Students have felt a nudge to read and rehearse a particular part of their course work just before a test but then they feel that part is too simple and the questions would not come from that area and finally, they find themselves in the exam hall trying to remember what they deemed simple..
Some people have felt they should go into a particular business or take a job but they continue to doubt until the opportunity slips by them. Someone has had the feeling to pray but felt lazy about it and an unfortunate event happens at around the time they should have been praying. But it becomes too late.
(if you missed the INDECISION article check) I could go on bringing different experiences of myself and people I have met but the bottom line is: As much as you want to weigh your choices well, always REMEMBER LIFE IN ITSELF IS A RISK and if you stand at the point of indecision for too long, opportunities will keep slipping by. THEREFORE you need to take HUGE STEPS and be responsible for any decision you take.