One of the things I like the most about my phone browser is that I can clear my browsing history. If  for any reason (known or unknown) I feel the need to clear history: I open the browser, go to history, tap on clear all and whoops, everything is clean.

For those who went to primary school when slates were used, they would understand what clean slates mean more. I didn’t go to school then but I found out that when pupils feel they were writing something wrong and did not want their teacher to know; all they need to do is use the hem of their school uniform to wipe the slate when their teacher is not looking in their direction. They can then resume writing like they did not make any mistake. Unlike those who used books and pen like myself, where the teacher always discovered you cancelled your work.Those people were luckier.

At one time or the other, we have made mistakes we regret, we have been offended, we have been betrayed, we have been misunderstood. Memories can linger for long but the good thing is; it fades slowly but surely. So I dare you to forgive other people and most importantly forgive yourself.

The  new start may be a new career turn, a new job, a new degree, relocation to a new town, a change of friends, a new relationship, a new denomination or a new mind set. The choice is yours.
Remember, its better late than never! HAPPY NEW MONTH.