Dear blogger, thank you for delivering the letter of my future wife at the right time. There could never have been a more appropriate time.

Dear future wife, thumbs up for coming out to voice your mind especially through the means you find available since you cannot tell me to my face. Like they always say “communication is key in any relationship” and even in a relationship with God. God actually knows what we want but he still wants us to say it. So I will appreciate it next time if you would talk to me one on one. I need to see your facial expression as you talk and you need to see mine as well. As much as verbal communication is good, those non-verbal cues go a long way in driving home your point. You hear?

Of course, I know things may not be all rosy but what matters most is that we stay strong for one another. I expect age to take over, everyone will age but you sure can age gracefully. To age gracefully however requires some work- healthy eating, healthy habits, good exercise and a general happy life. Ermm, concerning that exercise part, you see, we need to hit the gym regularly. So help us God.Amen.

Human rights? I believe in it too. I have always fought for females and taken sides with them. Some of my friends sometimes call me “woman  wrapper” . They say, it is because I never had a sister but I think it’s beyond that. I believe in fairness and justice no matter the gender and generally women seem to be taken advantage of. So, don’t worry we are on the same page on that one. House chores can be jointly done, it isn’t a big deal. I have not known how to change diapers; can you suggest where I can learn? In between, can you change tyres? #laughing…just kidding anyway.

You can be all of yourself around me, where else are you supposed to be yourself if not with your best friend. we can crack chicken bones and see who was more merciless , we can engage in pillow fights, we can compete on who will get dressed first (most likely I will win anyway) ,we can laugh like we have just won a billion dollar jackpot, we can argue over seemingly irrelevant things and we can compete for the television remote. It is all part of the package. But, you see when it’s time for the English Premier League; I need the television to myself- no fashion show or news channel interruptions. You can watch with me provided you don’t start asking too many questions.

I believe that there is dignity in labour and everyone must lay hands on something. So if a woman should work then the man has no excuse. And I believe that once you work, wealth will follow. So don’t be bothered about power outage because there will always be a standby generator and who knows our dear country might just get better. Like Martin Luther, I have a dream that Nigeria will be a great nation and that the forces against our constant power supply will be subdued.  Can I hear you shout ameeenn!?

Lastly if I don’t talk about food, it means I have not said my entire mind. FOOD- very important. Creativity is important, I hope you know how to be daring, to try out recipes of different cultures and nations. Don’t worry I will savour whatever comes out of your every experiment in the kitchen, after all, it is not in the size of the gift but in the thought. It can only get better, I know.
That said I need to drop my pen. I desire a happy home   where prayer comes first in peace or in disaster. May God help us!