Dear friend,

Things have change, don’t you see it?
Times have change, we were not who we were before;
We have grown, we have seen, we have experienced.
Things have changed, the prices of things have gone up,

Many cannot afford what they could afford  again.

People have died; for many flimsy reasons.
My friend, times have changed, don’t you see it?
Technology has taken over; good thing it should be right?
But, virtual friends have increased and 
real friends have been lost, everyone is busy.
Love has waned; Families have split.
Fighting, divorce and killing for issues that have better solutions.
Ah! my friend, things have changed; I tell you – they have;
Selfishness has increased; each man for his own.
In the disguise of service, the helpless man is manipulated.
Filth is everywhere, my friend, filth is everywhere.
Times have changed, my friend, can’t you see it?
Children are born; with brains like an adult.
They grow at an unfathomable rate, taking up feats their parents never dreamed of.
They are unstoppable, ready to catch up with the lazy man.
They are all grown; some can’t be talked to any longer.
Times have changed, men stabbing their neighbour’s backs
For things that will soon pass away.
Women defrauding men in the guise of love.
The people who are meant to protect are the ones exploiting innocence.
Bribery, corruption, incest, rape, betrayals…my friend…it saddens.
My friend…things have changed, what do we do about it?

The good, the bad, the bitter, the sweet;

they have all happened.

Do we sit and wait or do we decide what change we want to carry along?