Hi there, so Tobi Olakojo is at it again…creatively bringing up a very important subject that the youths must be enlightened about. Enjoy and do someone some good and share.

I was just leaving the church auditorium after the first service on this eventful Sunday when this young lady ran up to meet me; Pharm! Your attention is needed, there’s an emergency. Someone is dying, a member of the church. Who? How? Where? She’s at home, she’s in pains.
While trying to figure out what to do, then my phone beeped, “Hello Tobi, Felicia (not real name) speaking, Beatrice (not real name) is very sick. She needs an urgent attention”.  What is the matter with her? I really don’t know but she’s in pains, serious one. I’m sure you can hear her voice and of course I could hear the lady moaning in the background. “I will be with you shortly”, I said and ended the call.

Thankfully, a nurse who is also a member of the assembly was close by, she was just going in for the second service, I beckoned on her, picked a few medications from the church first aid box, and then we headed for the house.

On arrival, we saw her groaning utterly and somebody was massaging her legs. Then, I made a quick guess in my mind and put forward a question for confirmation, “Sister, what is your blood genotype?” Then she muttered, “I don’t know”.

Surprisingly, I exclaimed, “You can’t be serious!” This is a lady that would likely be in her mid twenties and a final year student of a tertiary institution. I was just amazed that in this age and time, we still have folks who cared less about knowing their blood genotype and so I thought to write this piece.

Yes, we were able to rescue her at that moment, then I compelled her to take the test that very week and the result, your guess is as good as mine. She even gave an excuse that since her parents know their genotype, she didn’t bother finding out about hers and then I told her, “that is not tenable, it will cost you little or almost nothing to run the test, besides, your parents could be wrong if their tests were not properly carried out”.

It was there and then I discovered that she did not just know her status, she was only concealing from the public perhaps due to shame or for whatever reason I do not know.

Guys, gone are the days of infant mortality which the Yoruba people referred to as ‘abiku’. I remember my dad once mentioning that his mother visited the ‘labour ward’ 16 times, and I asked, “Where are the others? How come we know only 5 of you?” well, the rest is history.

The advent of modern medical science and innovation has made us to realize that sickle cell anaemia was mostly responsible for the ‘abikus’ of those days and this to a very large extent can be prevented.

While it is true that we were choiceless at the point of birth in choosing our genotype, we owe it a duty to our unborn generations to ensure that they are not sufferers of this deadly disease.

It is also expedient to know your genotype so as to have a clear cut direction as regards whom to marry or not. Even if you were born with sickle cell disease or a carrier of the disease, I am sure you do not want to experience the complications and crisis that comes with this condition; neither will you desire such for your children.
Hence, a compatibility determination is important.

Moreover, knowing your genotype is important so as to know how best to take care of yourself and how the medics can best manage your health. The focus of this article is not to tell you one genotype is good or otherwise, neither is it to explain in details the characteristics of each blood genotype, you can always see your medical experts for such information.

Let me also state that parents should endeavour to check the genotype of their children to determine their health status and pay necessary attention to maintaining their health. It is also advisable to test for your genotype in more than one laboratory or hospital as the case may be. This is to ensure the consistency of your results.

Conclusively, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored, thus ignorance is not an excuse on this subject. There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. Therefore, know your genotype, do not be ashamed of it and seek medical attention if necessary.

Your genotype is neither your fault nor your making.

We always like to hear from you, do you know your genotype? Do you consider it important in the choice of one’s spouse? The comment space is all yours. Cheers.