Hi there….so its Tobi Olakojo on board today sharing some useful life-tips and as usual in a creative manner.Do learn and be generous enough to share. THANKS.


Some years ago, I was listening to Joel Osteen and he was explaining how our thoughts and what we allow into our mind either by what we think or what we hear could affect our health and well being.  Little did I know I was going to have my own share of the experience.

In recent times, I’ve heard so many things to do which sometimes could be overwhelming but I don’t see any big deal in it. There was this particular week that every morning I get to school, the first of my colleague I meet tells me, “Are you okay, you look sick or stressed and all of that” and I am like, “I’m fine, I’m good”, but by the end of the week I was not.

I was down with stress-induced malaria. Each time I hear them ask me that question, I keep thinking about it like, is anything really wrong with me till it got to my subconscious. I felt there must be a strong connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind which makes me to assert that there is a link between emotion and disease even though science has not been able to prove conclusively that one’s state of mind can cure a specific disease.

So I thought to make enquiries and here is a simplified summary of my findings. I hope you find it worthwhile.

While we can relate a particular emotion such as anger to specific disease like heart attack, science can now measure the body’s immune response to specific stresses. The body is protected by millions of fighting units circulating in the bloodstream. These consist of different types of soldiers, each group having its own specific function.

Central control can order out new units when disease invades the body. In peaceful moments, the numbers are reduced and the fighters become patrols. This is how the immune system works.

A healthy diet, physical fitness and positive emotional states can stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Conversely, illness, and excessive stress can weaken it.  This is what happens when HIV becomes AIDS because the immune system has been largely decimated.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself now if positive emotions strengthen the immune system; of course stable emotional life is as important to good health as diet, exercise etc. Positive and sensible health practices can stimulate endorphins which are produced by the brain and can produce remarkable feelings of well-being. They also boost the immune system simultaneously.

Does that mean we can cure ourselves by thinking nice thoughts? My take is that we should never neglect clinical and lifestyle treatment for our health conditions. Taking medications, good nutrition, regular exercise, weight control are all important but in addition, “keep an eye” on your thoughts. Solomon said in Prov 17:22, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Conclusively, thoughts and emotions directly influence the mind and this in turn affects the body. The emotional life is as important to health as the prescribed medications. Take the driver’s seat of your thoughts and ride in the right direction for you are what you think.

THANKS Tobi for this piece