Have you ever heard people make statements around you like: “My boss is always ordering me around, I do not like him”, “my friend always tells me what to do, she is too domineering”, “that man is always saying do this, do that”, “ my father treats me like I am still his twelve year old son and I am twenty-five for God’s sake, it sucks!”, “my boss does not always want you to sit at work, once there are no customers, he will look for something else for you to do, even if it is tomorrow’s  work”?
Well, I have heard that and also seen people in such situations. People generally, irrespective of their gender have an amount of ego no matter how small and therefore can tolerate controlling people at varying levels. One thing I have observed however is that most controlling people do not want to be controlling but they see people around them as reactive rather than pro-active as themselves and so unconsciously feel the urge to drive them. On the other hand, a lot of people are actually not pro-active especially at work and so find themselves been pushed by their goal- oriented boss. They continue to detest the boss’ approach but they do not work on themselves to get things done before their boss demands.
Although, I know that there are overly demanding bosses of whom you almost cannot please but getting your work done before your boss asks  is a very progressive thing to do and it sure would not go without the boss noticing it, it gives you a sense of fulfillment as well and gives the demanding boss little to complain about.
In conclusion, if you do not like your colleague, friend or boss telling you just about everything to do, then get up and GET IT DONE before they think of saying it.