Our first meeting of people has a large role to play in our perception of them. Although it is general knowledge   that our perception of people are most of the times wrong and people are entirely different from our perception of them.
We therefore need to be more crafted in the art of dealing with people especially strangers ranging from the receptive people who relate with you as if they were a long-lost sibling to the aggressive arrogant people who  think the  world should scamper at the tap of their little finger. I have learnt that they are all just as important and no one should be treated with disdain.
In as much as we are all tempted to treat familiar people with more respect, we should know that everyone we meet is important in one way or the other and occupy vital positions in the larger world. I have encounters with people who want me to treat them more importantly than others because they are staff of the organization or highly placed. And although I do not have a problem with that, I still feel it shouldn’t be because the others who are waiting on the queue are not in any way less and may be more highly placed. I feel that   because we do not know them does not mean they should not be treated less. I believe in justice and fair treatment or what do you think?
In summary treat everyone equally because we do not know  who they are  and where we might meet them .