I was going through my Facebook time line some weeks and I saw a friend’s post showing ABRAHAM LINCOLN‘s letter to his son’s teacher on his first day at school. It’s a long piece that I have not taken permission to share but a phrase caught my attention the most and that is “for every enemy, there is a friend”.


The reason I was particularly fascinated is because my mother always drive home that same point but she puts it this way “If someone does not like you, do not be bothered because for every one person that does not like you there are a thousand who would love you whole-heartedly. A simple smile from you to them would make their day and they will go to any length to help you even when you have done them no favour at all”. She says it because of her various experiences in life and she has found it true. The truth is she still said this statement to me some hours before my writing this piece as if she could read my mind.
This, I have found true over and over again. Some friendships would end, and although it is quite sad; we have to let go because they have gone through their cycle and just must end. Their purpose has been fulfilled and holding on would be like crying over spilled milk.
New friendships would begin again in unlikely places and unlikely ways and we should learn to relish every moment we spend with our dear ones because they may not be forever. Some friendships will never see the light of the day. They were not meant to be after all.
So, do not fret over lost friendship or aborted friendships. I will re-phrase ABRAHAM LINCOLN’s words and say; For every enemy, there is a very sure friend. Discover such a friend.CHEERS.