Hallo everyone,

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who followed the last story keenly, I see the statistics and I am encouraged to do more. If you stopped reading it along the way or have not read the piece at all, you are missing. I enjoyed writing that story so much, I wrote it at a period when I could have decided to lie low and not give anything a shot. It took some real determination to continue to write and churn out stories weekly, but trust me I enjoyed it so much. 
Recently, I laid my hands on some nice novels and I am gingered again. I will publish a collection of my stories and make it available  with time. You  see, writing is a release for me; it is fun; a way to ease off stress; a way to let my imaginations run wild and also a way to subtly address some social issues.    
 Let us continue to encourage each other towards achieving our dreams, I remember when I started BLOGGING, how crude I was; how the posts were splattered with errors because I barely had anyone to help me review. I however did not give up, I continued churning out articles with or without feed backs. Today, I am far better, I have more readers and have a few talented volunteers to help me edit and also contribute articles. I am getting there right? Yes, I am. Yes, we are! I started with free blogging and  did  not own a domain. Now, I own my own paid domain name! THRILLING!
In this new month, I feel grateful for how far I have come and I am hopeful of making great impacts in the literary world. I also want to use this opportunity to encourage you to never give up on your dreams, situations make cause a delay, people may tell you your dreams are outrageous or you are crazy to want to aspire to a certain level. Do not let that get to you. Nobody can be YOU. Do not live another person’s life; Live your own life! Have all the fun you can, explore food, explore places and in everything FEAR GOD! 
Till I come with another piece, CHEERS! MUCH LOVE!