Hi there…I hope you had a great weekend. So my friend Aanu Odedere moved to lagos sometimes ago and I told her I would be expecting articles from her lagos experiences. So here is her first. I did enjoy…and I hope you will too.


It was a normal day, work would make me pass through Agege and I eagerly was expecting to buy the popular Agege bread. Funny but true? Yes!  and I was excited. I picked  my bag and headed straight to my destination.

Pronto! …I  am at Fagba area but not the exact location. I quickly  set out to find the exact point to meet my colleague and the other few people I have never met before. I brought out my tab, turned my GPS on to know my exact position and where to turn. Five minutes afterwards, I was still trying to get my location, thanks to MTN, my GPS was just not coming up, by now I had begin to sweat and was pacing restlessly with no particular direction in mind.

After 10 minutes I decided to just walk down the road and try to find any familiar street, which I had seen initially on  Google map. Yes! Finally I found one and after walking for a while I decided to restart my device, maybe the GPS would come up and there it was again blinking. I tried calling my colleague but he wasn’t picking up.

By now I was feeling frustrated, tired and sorry for myself.”Girl you are OYO (On Your Own)” I thought.

Then I prayed silently “God pls have mercy on me today”. I continued my journey in no definite direction, looking out for sign posts and asking the people I met who seem ready to help for directions, and they all gave different responses( very typical).

So I continued my journey using the imaginations of the saved route on my Google map, as I walked I kept praying, God please help me. After walking for a while, I tried turning on my Gps again, and there it was, stable!

Hmmm…you needed to see the relief on my face. After which I turned on one of my applications called the Location finder, and it was showing a green colour (which meant I was in the right place.)

It was then I decided to call my colleague again, and he picked up this time, only to inform me he was on admission in the hospital. Ooops! So I was supposed to be waiting for this guy.

Then I realized that there is nothing you cannot pray about. When your trusted companions disappoint you, God would not and His network is never down; He would guide you through.

God is interested in all areas of our loves  as much as we permit Him and  trust me YOU CAN PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING.