Dr. Marieta says information is key and she highlights some other things women and men should know.

  • Every parent should train their daughter to SPEAK UP about her choices.
  • Every parent should also train their son to RESPECT a woman’s decision
  • People should NOT be pressured about childbirth and it should be at their will.
  • Every man should be INVOLVED in family planning discussions
  • Condoms give the dual protection against STIs and also prevent pregnancy, however, many people do not know how to use a condom…go online to find out the proper use.
  • For condoms, the proper lubricants and proper sizeĀ  should be used and it should NOT be doubled.
  • There are various methods of contraception and a woman needs to know her body VERY WELL to be able to decide.
  • Before you get married, BOTH men and women should do an health check as well as have these conversations and plans.
  • Your infertility sometimes MAY not be from the contraceptive used but you have to seek PROPER counselling from specialists.
  • You need to be mentally and financially READY before you have children.

Thanks Dr Marieta Ekeng for having this chat with us. We hope to feature you sometimes in the future.

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