Hi there…I know we- the penwriters-  have been off radar for a long time. We are deeply sorry. Thanks to all those who have been on touch and asking that they havent seen our posts in a long time. You are the reason we dont want to stop. Compliments of the season to us all.

Today…Tobi Olakojo brings to us a  true story as related by a  Nurse , a tragedy that happened just this morning.

“I don’t even know what to caption it but I desire we take lessons from it.”

My tears and grief were unbounded as the Pastor instructed me to lower my second son into the bossom of mother earth. As I held the lifeless body, my wife wailing beside me, my twin sister patting me on the back, I remembered how my wife and I waited patiently on the Lord for some years after our first child. I remembered the joy that filled my heart when the doctor confirmed my wife was pregnant. Then I saw through my mind’s eye how my wife went through labour before bringing forth the beautiful baby boy. Both mother and child were discharged from the hospital after the 24hours of observation.
I remembered how the previous day my sister’s mother in-law pressurized my wife and I to allow her friend(who is a matron) circumcise the baby and I consented.

A few hours after the procedure my wife told me the baby’s diaper was soaked with blood, we called the matron and she said we should not bother that the bleeding will cease. About 30minutes after that my wife again told me the diaper was soaked with blood making 2 blood-drenched diapers, 3hours post-circumcision. My wife and I thought the bleeding would stop and went to sleep.

Around 12am when I got up to check on our baby I noticed his breath was laboured and far apart. I woke my wife and we set out for our family hospital, mid way into the journey I noticed that the baby has stopped breathing but I couldn’t tell my wife. When we got to the hospital the nurse on night duty (too alert and awake for the time) examined the child but kept her opinion to herself, then sent us in to see the doctor who confirmed what I already suspected: my baby, my second son whom we prayed and laboured and waited for before getting was dead: he died of anaemia. I couldn’t tell my wife but she saw the answer on my face. She wailed and cried but I couldn’t console her because I was grief-stricken and guilt-ridden. How could I have been so daft, how could I have been so insensitive and unconscious to notice my child bleed to death.

“Please lay the child to rest” the words of the Pastor brought me back to reality. The rest of the funeral went in a daze. My mom, my sister, her husband, his mother and our family consoling my wife and I.

P.S  We shouldnt take health issues trivially. Most times our bodies give us the needed signs. BE NICE AND SHARE WITH SOMEONE WHO MIGHT NEED THIS.