Oops! it is another birthday anniversary! I have a thousand and one reasons to be grateful!

First for the gift of life from God and then good health and then for family and then for friends and loved ones and then for you my cherished blog readers…the list is endless.

If I was told last year that my blog will get to its 100th published post so soon, I wouldn’t have believed. But then, it started as an idea and gradually it is getting bigger and better. Some criticism here and some commendation there has brought me this far. And oh, the desire to get better cannot be overemphasized.

Dear blog reader, I want to say a biggggg THANK YOU and incase you have innovative ideas relating to the modus operandi of the blog, they are most welcome. Kindly get to me via my mail address at the bottom of the post. Thanks once again and I am moving any time soon from being a ‘tenant’ blogger to a ‘house owner’ blogger.I will let you know when.

Two birthday anniversaries I wouldn’t forget in a while are my sixteenth and twenty first.

My sixteenth was in secondary school and my friends made the day by giving me gifts, laughter and fun. Friends like Segun Aderinto, Elizabeth Isibor, Ruth Dada and the rest. Thanks gann.

My twenty first was in college and it was a blast. I was looking exceptionally radiant and my friends took out time to take pictures with me, give gifts, recieved my own small gifts and made sure I had a blast! Friends like Ayokunmi Olusa, Alo Babajide, Olutayo Olusola, Olubunmi Moroluwayo, Adewusi Adeola,Dada Ruth and so many others! I cannot forget you guys in a long time.

My family members have always been there all along. Never leaving like a hunch on the back. Family is the best indeed…never take them for granted.

It is  another birthday and I am happy, grateful and hopeful. I pray for more years in health, happiness and peace of mind. All I am and hope to be, I owe it all to God.

P.S: wish me happy birthday but erm dont ask how old I am because  thanks to my portable size…I can still pass off as a super sweet sixteen.  So let’s just say I am 16 uhn? lol.