I am blushing hard like a mumu as I write this story, after all they say “na mumu dey fall in love”. I just had dinner with a super beautiful young lady and it was fun. We met at this new restaurant in the heart of town – the environment was cozy, solemn music was playing at the background and there weren’t much people there so the waiters had ample time to spend with clients. And oh, the babe, she was graceful, modestly dressed with some subtle sexiness. One striking thing aside her intelligence and beauty was her hair. Oh, my! She had hair in abundance, I mean jet black, full, relaxed and butt length; it took a lot of courage coupled with home training for me not to run my hands through the hair or ask for her permission to smoothen it. She was seated across the table so I am sure she would have caught me staring at the hair all through the evening. All things look good after this evening and it looks like I am going to have a ring on my finger before my next birthday. Anyways, let me give you a recap of how I struck gold.


On Saturday, I went to the gym for some aerobics and I saw this beautiful lady rigorously working out. She did not look like a gym addict physically but the ease with which she carried on the routine, it looked like she frequented the place. I have been coming to the gym for some months now but never noticed her. I was mesmerized instantly especially as her hair that was styled into a ponytail was swinging back and forth. She seemed between the age of 26-29, her skin glowed despite the sweat and she had airpods on. From time to time she mouthed the songs she was listening to but I could not hear her because she was some meters away. Strange thing is, she never looked around if not, she should have caught me staring at her.  As usual, I checked her ring finger but based on my last experience, I told myself never to judge.  Thereafter, I made up my mind to come more often to that gym so I can get to meet this damsel more.

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Sunday morning, I was in church early as usual and guess who I saw walk in, ‘Saturday’s damsel’. I was in awe. She was not sweaty like the previous day so she was in her full glory.

“Boy, o boy, you are not gonna let this go!” I told myself. When they asked newcomers to signify, I saw her stand up and the ushers directed her to the seats in front. It was easy for me to observe her all through the service. Immediately the service was over, I waited for her to be attended to by the ushers and went after her immediately.

Apparently, she was recently transferred to town and lived in the staff lodge of her organization somewhere in my neighborhood. She decided to try out a new church and she found herself in mine. She was quite receptive and as I offered to drop her off, she told me she had her own vehicle. I was down casted because I wanted to use that opportunity to know where she lived but as a sharp guy that I am, I decided to ask for her phone number and promised to show her the nice places in town. With that promise, she gave me easily.


Fam, that is how I ended up chatting with this lady the whole evening while eating a bowl of peppered snail with basmati rice. She had crab sauce and fried yam. Let me not bore you with the details of our date but it was an interesting evening and I can only but wish myself luck. Wish me luck too guys! All’s well that ends well, aint it?

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