Hi there, this a post from Aanu Odedere. She has shared this previously on her facebook wall but to allow access to my cherished blog readers, I am publishing it on the blog as well. Do enjoy!


I often hear people say when there is life, there is hope. Just recently I realized this may not always be true. Yes! Only someone who is alive can hope for something but what if you have lost the strength to hope.

Hope itself is a reason to live, because there is a difference between been Alive and ‘Living’. Hope transforms us from being Alive to people who are Living; You have a reason to want to see the next day.

I usually pray to God for Faith in Him, especially when my doubt is doubling the height of Mount Everest. Then I  thought  that was the height of prayers to receive from God, until I realized there was something called hopelessness. That moment of your life when you are not willing, not expecting, not desiring, not interested in receiving anything from God nor man.

At such times you are in desperate need of Hope; because the bible tells us in Hebrews 11 vs 1: Now faith is the substance of things HOPED for (you need to hope first).

Hopelessness is the greatest height of despair and depression. So then life ‘does not’ always give us hope, but hope makes us Living beings, because in the absence of hope the very life might be taken away.

But there is a God of hope, who is able to give us hope when we are hopeless. May His hope be spread in our hearts that we might be strengthened for life’s journey. AMEN!