Hiiiii alll,

It has been a while I posted, I know right.

I am covering my face right now (in my heart because I cannot be typing and covering my face right?). Sincerely, I have had quite a lot on my plate but the writer part of me kept itching to write and connect with my audience as usual so here I am with this piece. Thought provoking as usual!

Don’t be selfish, share you thoughts here and share the link with others as well, the more the merrier!


Abbey always thinks of herself as shy but when she is within her circle or people she feels she is better than, she is more confident and assertive.

Note, this is a subconscious behavior that she had never really noticed.

However, when she enters a new environment, she feels subtly inferior to them. This does not necessarily mean they are better than her but she has made assumptions either due to status, race, eloquence, perceived financial status or what ever reasons she can come up with. She suddenly starts to examine herself, “how do I look?” or when she leaves the setting, she asks, “what did they say about me?”

Hi there, you had looked good from when you stepped out of the door of your home, why does it suddenly matter. If you were not confident enough of your look, you would not step out.
And why does what they said when you left matter?

The truth is, her self esteem is rather low. She may not have realized but that is the truth. I found out that one of the ways to boost your self esteem is to do away with self-criticism.

The truth is, we all cannot be perfect, (one of the reasons why people get addicted to cosmetic surgery because, there is always be something you wish you could change about yourself).

Also, work on self-compassion, take it easy on yourself even when you flop. This is not to mean, you should be tacky and not seek to improve yourself daily but we have different personalities and you can not satisfy everyone.

So as we step into a new year in a matter of weeks, promise me you would take conscious efforts to boost your self-esteem.

I promise you that I am going to be out more and not hide all my awesomeness in a cloud of shyness!