Hi there, its been ages. Yes I know! I had so much  on my plate, I almost chocked. But, thanks be to God for seeing me through, let someone shout hallelujah.

Ok, I had deadlines to meet, corrections to make, marriage to plan for and so on. And oh yay, I finally got married to my beau. So you can see why I have been incommunicado for a while. But I am back, bigger and better, trust me on this.

Let me save you all the details but did I pick up lessons during my hiatus? Oh yes, I did.

First, no one can live your life for you. You have got to take total control of it and do not attempt to live someone else’s life.

Two, happiness is a choice no one makes for you. You decide on your own to be happy. Trust me, there are people who will be ‘rain on your parade’ but you can decide to carry an umbrella along to shield yourself. It is all a matter of the mind.

Three, never look down on anyone. you do not know who will be there for you at your time of need. Sometimes, our much  needed help will be from someone we least expect.

Lastly, friendships and relationships expire, it is a constant fact. We cannot be friends with everyone for life. But be careful how you shut the door, at some point again, you might need to come through such doors. Life is too short and it is a very small world we live in.

I did learn quite a lot but maybe some other times I will give you the remaining gist. Many, many, many  thanks to those who made my day memorable. The second picture shows a tip of the ice berg, I do not know what she was saying to me but I was sure blushing. Dee of Life, thanks so much.

My highly esteemed blog readers, trust me I am back and I would appreciate some nudge at times. Much love.