Hi there…Another writer, Fasoro Paul is brought to this great platform….I have known him since our service for our fatherland and he is a Jesus-lover, an Agriculturist and an Entrepreneur. He promises to hop in here from time to time and we eagerly wait to savour what he has to offer. ENJOY


It was a Sunday- the day of the lord as poeple mostly refer to it as. I was having a son-to-father talk. You know those kind of decision-weighing discussions, right? Yes, that was the type we had.

He had tried to persuade me not to take an action, but his only reason was “what would people say?” So I said what the society taught us wrong – I don’t care!

He then asked me “you don’t care about your reputation? Of course I did, and still do, but I had forgotten like almost everyone else that our reputation is what people say and think about us.

Yes, we want to wear that cloth, buy that car, keep those friends, and without caring about what anyone would say.

I have had a large dose of that! I’m a pastor’s son. You all know how you expect us to import holiness and integrity from heaven, right!

Every decision from the important ones such as the kind of school you attend or the friends you keep; to the less important ones like the food you eat are made after properly considering “people”.

I was tired of considering “people” when making decisions.
Everyone faces such times. Even the Lord Jesus had to perform miracles most times after considering the needs of the “people”.

However hard we try, we all know for sure that our reputation is important! People get and loose blessings and opportunities based on their reputation.

As a matter of  fact, in the corporate world, reputation, as abstract as it is, is an asset. This means we need to care about our reputation.

Sadly, If we had to consider people’s views when making every decision, we’ll hardly go anywhere.

Which is why three questions come to mind:
When should I care?

When should I stop caring?

How do I strike a balance?

……….To be continued.

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