Hi there so this is the conclusive part of the informative piece by Fasoro Paul. ENJOY.

Hope you still remember where we stopped?

We talked about the victims and the witnesses and how they help set a standard on when to care. We also talked about people and the right perspective we should have about them.

Now, when should I not care?

This question would be best answered after you have considered the victims and the witnesses as discussed in our last discussion. If the victims and the witnesses test shows a negative result, then you need to ask yourself why?

Why are these victims going to be affected? Why is anybody going to feel bad about my decision? Why would the witnesses testify against me? Why would anyone decide to have a bad view of my next step? How genuine are the answers given above?

You need to ask yourself these questions because, in reality, you don’t have a control knob over people’s feelings and perceptions.

However, since your reputation is based on their feelings and perceptions, you must make a good effort to edit their view. When these questions are critically examined and you realize that their feelings and perceptions are based on biased views, or on their own comfort, or even their loop-sided personal fears and worries, then you should not care. Go ahead! It would be wrong if you allow people’s fears, and fake views to limit you! You just have to move on.

Now that my point is clear; when to care and when not to, it will be easy to fix a balance between both!

You remember my discussion with my father that day (as discussed in the first part)? It turned a thousand degrees hotter, and finally, he made me realize what I just explained to you today. That was about ten years ago, but the lesson I learnt that day can be summarized thus:

Only a few people will like you naturally, but with a little mental effort, you can bring the number down or increase it. I will do my best to increase it, after all, who needs more enemies?

In conclusion, always remember to make ONLY healthy decisions. It’s good for your reputation!