First, to God- the One who was, who is and who is to come. Our help in ages past; our hope for years to come. Without Him, I would have been nothing. For life, health, peace of mind, friends, family and many other goodies- Lord I am grateful.

Secondly, a hearty thank you goes to all my family members. For our oneness through life’s thick and thin and for our numerous emergency and non-emergency prayers- obviously they worked. For all the solicited and unsolicited advice and for so much solidarity- family is the best. I wish us many more years in peace and unity.

Thirdly, for friends and loved ones– I could start name dropping but I refuse to yield to that temptation (everyone is just as important). Thank you all for the calls, messages, social media reach out, concerns, wishes, prayers and advice.  FRIENDS ROCK! YEAH!

A big THANK YOU to all my blog readers. When I check the stat, I am thrilled. It reminds me of the saying that “the world makes way for he that knows where he is going”. Once you know where you are going, people will support your dreams.

Thank you so much. It is a new year and I am optimistic, I did not achieve all I planned last year but I will score good points if graded. I am hopeful about this year, I want to take more risks, have more fun, meet more people, read more books, have more positive influence, draw closer to God and be a better person. How about you?

Follow your heart; it sure knows what you truly want. Pursue your dreams no matter how big- they are achievable. I wish you a happy new year in peace and prosperity. CHEERS!