You can call me a little traditional but sincerely I have seen things that leave me marveled. A fourteen year old  school boy crying over a girl saying he is in love with her and I am saying to myself  “oh! damn!, you that is still asking for pocket money from your father is claiming to love. Even your father has not known the full extent of love eighteen years into his marriage with your mother.” But its saddening how the word  “love” is one of the most frequently used word and yet poorly understood. I am not going into preaching about what love is, the types or manifestations of love, I am almost sure you have seen or heard that somewhere. But all I want to say is no one feeds on love, you need money.
I find myself in a society  where teenage pregnancy is the in-thing and  almost a show of status, sometimes I feel so much pity for the poor child who future is almost already determined ( well except fate changes). That is because his father is a school drop-out whose parents tried to encourage to complete  secondary school by buying a motorcycle for him but yet still does not want formal education and his mother is an apprentice with a local fashion designer. I wonder that such a child will have a lot of odds to survive against before he can make it in life, because even the average man knows how much he spends to give quality education to his children nonetheless a poor, uneducated drop –out.
Like someone said ” people claim that you must have sex with them if you love them thus equating both, how about those sleeping with mad women or raping, is that love too?”
I also remember a year two male student telling a female that was five year ahead (career-wise)that he wants her to be his life partner.That it was funny and shocking is to say the least.And well the female simply told him to face his study.
To the young person who might stumble on this article: love is far more encompassing and yet simple but between that try do the first things FIRST. 

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