Indecision is the reluctance or inability to make up one’s mind; it can also be defined as the wavering between two or more courses of action. To understand the implication of indecision:
Ask the man at the driver’s seat in a car that saw a vehicle facing him; was claiming he was on the right lane and the oncoming driver was wrong. Rather than swerving, he maintained his lane, was hit and badly injured.
Ask the pastor that is usually visited by a particular lady and rather than decisively telling her to stop visiting, he felt he should not embarrass the lady until he finally got involved in extra-marital affairs and his home was destroyed.
Ask the student that is always picking and choosing which class to attend, which assignment to do; procrastinating about reading and eventually ended up repeating the school year.
Ask the job seeker that was not sure if he wanted that Job and applied late for it and eventually did not get the job because an equally qualified person had applied some minutes before him.
Ask the artiste who was indecisive about releasing his album only to discover that another artiste has just released his album and four of his songs are similar to his own, making it look like he copied him if he releases his own.
Well these are just few out of the many implications of indecision and in HENRY FORD‘S words “indecision is far worse than the wrong action” and what do you do when faced with indecision?
Generate self confidence- be confident about yourself knowing that you are responsible for your decision and that even your indecision is a decision in itself.
Share your mind with a friend- sometimes the help needed is with a friend and like they say “PROBLEM SHARED IS PROBLEM HALF- SOLVED”
Set your priorities – with indecision looming you in the face, you need to sit up straight and weigh the options, prioritize things and decide quickly.
I wish you the very best as you make your decisions.