Hi there, so there is another writer brought to the floor today. Well, I literally had to squeeze out the article from her and she thought it well to finally send it to me on her birthday…that is like a birthday gift to me- I guess.

She has got so much unharnessed potential and I am out to tap into it as much as I can. Join me as I welcome…Pharm Adewusi Adeola- my lonnnggg time friend. Enjoy the piece and stay tuned for the rest.


A LOT HAS BEEN SAID about gender equality, female emancipation, women rights and what have you, on various platforms. So, I’m sorry to disappoint you, if you were expecting to see yet another article on feminism.

Nah, I have no plans to over-flog a dead horse, so I would channel my mental energy towards turning on the lights rather than cursing the darkness.

The Bible is replete with Women of Influence who despite perceived frailty and sometimes glaring imperfections innocently made a mark through their decisions, their devotion, courage and faith.

Let’s take a tour through the scriptures to see a few of them, and may the lives they led inspire us to pay attention to the power of influence that women have been gifted with, and rise to the challenge to positively impact our world for Jesus, rather than compete with the men for roles we were not made to play.

I’d begin with the not-so-known but definitely influential pair-
Shiphrah and Puah.

I bet some folks never read or heard of them before now (caught ya! Study your Bible more. LOL)

They were the Egyptian midwives that refused to be corrupted by Pharaoh’s bigotry, sparing the lives of the Hebrew sons and risked bearing the king’s wrath because they feared God. Imagine if they had killed Moses at birth!
God did not only build them homes, but counted them worthy of mention in the Bible (Exodus1:15-21).

Would you rather let your profession be a tool for the preservation of lives, or for the gains of prejudice?

What more lessons can you pick from the lives of these midwives?

P.S: Please feel free to share them with us in the comments box.…to be continued.

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