Happy New YEAR! Today, I am switching things by bringing our first MALE on board!

Drum rolls! Who else is excited already? And also, he is not a health practitioner; the great women that I have interviewed have been quite a  coincidence but I was very deliberate about my next choice (gender balance). Find their interviews by clicking on feature posts column on the blog. 

Prince Joshua Oyeniyi is a young intellectual with a number of exploits to his name. He is the Founder/CEO of Amborion Media Global, a startup PR outfit in Lagos as well as host of Lagos’ Celebrity Inspirational Radio talk show, ‘The Ambassadors Radio Show’ which has inspired and groomed tons of listeners every week. Joshua is the 2015 winner of the keenly contested GLOBAL STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR AWARD in Nigeria and he represented Nigeria and the whole of West Africa in Washington DC that year.


Washington DC, USA

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. We did a blog revamp and decided to introduce a feature column where we interview people all in a bid to inspire as many people as possible. I deliberately wanted a male feature because coincidentally my first few features have been females and Pharmacists; hence my reaching out to you on Facebook since we are mutual friends and I have been seeing your exploits. Thanks for accepting with no stress at all.

Prince: Oh, wow! Now, I see. You are welcome.

Opeyemi: So, can we meet you? Your first name is Prince, right?

Prince:  Yes, my first name is Prince.

Opeyemi: Oh really? I thought it was a title.

Prince: (Laughs) It is my first name, and I get that question a lot where people ask “are you really a prince?”. The name is a translation of my Yoruba name – Adewale. I am a Nigerian and also a global citizen. I believe so much in dreams, aspirations and ambitions – it basically summarizes me. I am also a product of grace and got married to an amazing lady called Grace. I am a media personality, a business person, an investor and a minister of the gospel of Christ. My main purpose on earth is to influence people to live their best lives and achieve their biggest dreams as God originally created them for.

Opeyemi: Coincidentally we attended the same secondary school, did you know that?

Prince: Wow? I never knew. How and when did you know that?

Opeyemi: I knew via the secondary school school old students’ group on Facebook for many years. So, when I see your posts online, I am like “oh, this guy from my school – how nice, he is doing great things”.

Prince: Wow, I never knew. That is a pleasant addition to this conversation.

Opeyemi: Yeah right. So, now you see why it was easy for me to reach out to you because I have been seeing a number of your exploits online.

Prince: Ah (laughs), what have we done!? Those are just a bit of what God is going to make us achieve if we remain aligned and focussed.

Opeyemi:  Great. Now so, post-secondary school to this moment, I have gone through your LinkedIn profile and I can see that you have done quite a lot but can you give us some salient career moves that you have taken.

Prince: Okay, so in 2007, I gained admission to the University of Lagos on merit to study Chemical engineering but as fate will have it, I switched to mathematics which is one of the best decisions I have made in life.

Opeyemi: Oh, sorry to cut you short but what was the reason?

Prince: Okay, in summary I did not take Further Mathematics in my final school leaving exams and unbeknownst to me, there was new policy in  the University that year requiring that subject as a criterion for admission into engineering courses and I was affected. Thus, I had to take a switch and since I love Mathematics, the decision was easy.

That eventually led me into a series of other events but it was there that I met someone who introduced me radio broadcasting. Previously, I was very reserved although I can be expressive when I want to. Anyways, I was inspired to enter the public scene and I started hosting a radio show at the University out of the passion to be a positive impact on people. While I was at it, I started meeting a lot of people. Some people felt I could not do it because I termed it the Ambassadors’ radio show and I wanted to interview the ‘Who is Who’ in the world and not just Nigeria. A top figure who asked me “are you sure you can do this?” many years back recently commented on my post “Well done” I had no background in running a show nor a degree in mass communication but I believed “I can”.

Opeyemi: Hmmm.

Prince: And that is the summary of my story. If you believe you can do something, you are the only one who can stop yourself. No matter what you have or do not have. I hosted my inaugural show in October 2013 and for the next 18 months I went on from interviewing student scholars to top managing director of banks to foreigners, to former governors to even the immediate past governor of Lagos State. That interview was the highlight of my interviews. You can imagine a part of Lagos on standstill because a soon-to-be governor was around with his massive convoy and I was the host. It was exhilarating!

Global Finals of GSEA Awards

Truthfully, there were days when it was quite challenging because I was largely self-sponsoring. I had lost my father some years before that time and my mum was not so financially buoyant. There were days that I had to use the last money on me to make calls to my guests, that is why I must really commend what you are doing. It is not easy to conduct interviews and follow up with people. I have been there and I know what it takes. I have followed up on someone for six months and there were some that gave me their consent instantly like Professor Pat Utomi and then Chief Bode George that said I will fly in from Abuja and come in for your show. So, there were good days and there were bad days.

Opeyemi: Hmm. 

Prince: Yeah, but it was worth it because I eventually got access to some information about an international competition while interviewing someone and I put in for the competition. That was how I became the winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award. It came with a 5,000 dollar grant, an all-expenses paid trip to the US, a scholarship to Business School, Netherlands and a few other perks.

Opeyemi: Wow. Great.

Prince: It was an amazing experience and I came back to Nigeria and started hosting my annual event which is a platform to connect young people to successful people.

Opeyemi: Okay.

Prince: I believe you need to learn, read, connect with people and network. I usually tell people if you really want to fly, you cannot afford to be knowledge bankrupt. You need to read wide because the world is travelling at the speed of information.

Opeyemi: True. I was supposed to ask what your motivation is but it looks like it has been answered. So, what can you say you represent as a brand?

Prince: I embody the grace of God. I am nobody without God. This is not to sound religious. It is my truth. I have been at a very low point in my life and I made a commitment to God that if you can make my life a positive example, I will represent you anywhere in the world. So, when you mention my name, you’ve mentioned someone whose life is nothing without the grace of God.

Opeyemi: Thank you so much for that, So, as a family man, how do you combine work, travel, family and all other things you engage in?

Prince: Well, I am married to an amazing woman who is working class professional and we have two lovely kids. However, we find ways to help each other. Although we have helps here and there but still find a way to support each other. I believe it is better to be successful in career and your family is also doing great than have one of them suffer.

Opeyemi: So, do you think, family can be affected in the course of pursuing career goals?

Prince: I think it depends on the individuals and management of their time. I have met busier people, for example, the founder of Coscharis Group, Dr Cosmas Maduka, and yet they take their family very seriously. So, the mindset and priorities you set are huge determining factors.

With the former Governor of Lagos State – Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode

Opeyemi: Describe yourself in one word please.

Prince: Inspirational!

Opeyemi: Finally, what advice can you give to your younger self?

Prince: Take education seriously but add skills – soft and hard skills, travel; You will see the world differently. Open up when you have challenges so you can get help. Let God be at the center of everything you do.

Opeyemi: Thank you so much interview. I wish it was a live one.

Prince: we can always do more of this. You are welcome.


There you have it. I picked a few lessons from this interview especially from the message to his younger self. I hope you did too. 

P.S: Our exciting blog story series has ended, I hope we can get another one next year but catch up on the final episode here and Oh, a Youtube fun video dropped not too long ago. Watch and have a good laugh.