You know I like to infuse one fun thing or the other in between our ongoing series. Well, here is another guest’s story. Goofy content…reader’s discretion advised.


I wrote my final exams in November, 2019. I was filled with ecstasy; I had paid my dues – five years on campus that I would like to think I spent beautifully. Well, in the midst of all that joy, I was wondering how I was going to pack all my belongings home only for my mum to tell me she was going to come pick me with a driver. That’s how stars do! Except…

My bad, I should introduce myself. My name is Ebun and I identify as female and heterosexual.

As I was saying… except she had a trip planned to her (our) home town after picking me at my campus.

“Okay, that is not bad, it must be just another meet and greet with family members I had not seen in a long while”, or so I thought, until I found out we were actually visiting to attend a burial ceremony. Wow! That escalated quickly – so with all the pre-graduation excitement in me, I had to sit through tons of sad hymns and sermons. Sighs!

Well, amidst all that, I found love. Alexa, play me ‘I found love in a hopeless place’.

On the third day of the event, after church service, there was a reception where guests were to eat, dance and be merry (receptions at burials are weird though). My mum was the relative in charge of overseeing that, so I joined her under the canopies as we supervised the rental service workers doing their work. Just then, a young man came in with one of the grandchildren of the deceased.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bobo is HANDSOME!

He was fair skinned with a well chiselled frame but; he could be someone’s husband, the cousin I had never met, or worse – someone without inner beauty (whatever that means) so I was unmoved or maybe I temporarily lost the ability to move. Anyway, together, we all oversaw the rental service workers and ensured the event ground was set. In the course of that, I found out the young man was not family and he had no wedding band on but still, I minded my business.

As guests were ushered in, I was soon overwhelmed by the greetings and the “I prefer Amala to fried rice” (Yorubas and parties) that my legs began to ache. At this point, all I wanted to do was grab a drink and relax in the car. Alas! Our driver was nowhere to be found and the key of the car was with him.

Ah Boda Wasiu, God will not disgrace you ooo…

That was the beginning of the search for him and then my phone went off as well.

It was an disturbing situation and then the young, fair prince charming asked me why I was bothered.

“Ebun, are you okay?” he said.

I narrated my ordeal to him and he told me I could relax in his car. So, he opened his car, turned on the AC and left me to chill. First, He offered to help and did just that. I was glad he didn’t stay to form a conversation because I wanted to be alone. Then, he left me in his car, that’s a reasonable amount of trust. How sweet!

You see, for some of us, it’s the little things that count and by now, I was sure he had some ‘inner beauty’ and I was practically daydreaming. Before he left, he offered to give me his number so that when I wanted to leave, I’d call him; but my phone battery chose that day of all days to turn against me.

With nothing to do, I sat there, cold, smiling and deciding asoebi colours in my mind until some 20 minutes later, he returned and said he wanted to run an errand. Just in time, I saw my mum and she helped me find the driver.

In few minutes, I was seated in our car and not his; for some unknown reason, our car seat was uncomfortable. Who designed this? I tried to catch some sleep but I was pissed; at my phone for choosing the wrong moment, at Boda Wasiu for making me have a taste of hope, at my car seat for being unusually uncomfortable. And then…

I saw him walking towards our car.

Dear Lord, is this a halo I am seeing around him? Is this what getting butterflies feels like? Why does he have the slow motion effect? When he finally reached our car, he asked “Ebun, did you take my charger?” I was startled.

Is that all? No, is that what he came to say? What’s my business with your charger? I know I said my phone was off but I didn’t even think of finding a charger in your car. So, I replied with all the poise left in me “No, I didn’t”.

He then left and returned some minutes later, hopefully this time to affirm my feelings however

“Are you sure? I can not find it” were the words that came out of his mouth.

Ahan! Uncle if na play, stop am abeg.

What happened to all the trust we had? Where did it all go? Do I look like I would mistakenly take your charger and refuse to give it back? I replied “Sure, I didn’t take it”. That was how our promising moment ended and the party slowly came to an end.

All the butterflies in my tummy died after that question/accusation. How can the two events happen within one day? I did not find love after all.

Kindly share your stories of those times you think you met ‘THE ONE’ in the comments section.