10th of December is HUMAN RIGHT DAY and I think it is clearly coincedence that the great NELSON  MANDELA died some days to another anniversary. As people from all ends of the world celebrate his full and fulfilling life, I continue to ask myself if the things He fought for have been truly achieved. Great and laudable work has been done but methinks the problems have not finally evaporated from the larger world, but have rather mututated and appeared in more resistant strains.
Human rights are rights everyone is entitled to which includes but are not limited to; right to live, freedom of speech, right to education, social right and so on.
A right to live for a sickly child who is abandoned by the frustrated parent, A right to live for a child conceived in the womb of an unready teenage schoolgirl. A right to education for the child that is born to increase Labour on his poor parents farm settlement in their country home.
A right to choose your career path because that is where your passion lies. A right to marry whom you will irrespective  of their nationality or ethnic  group and not been alienated by family and friends.
A right to speak up without fear of loosing your job, A right to voice out when harassed without failing a course at college.  I rest my case here and continue to hope that a day will come when we all can enjoy our fundamental human rights  because I know that victory is certain!