I closed from work exhausted but strangely – quite happy. It was a bit weird though because no – I did not get any tip at work and I was still heading to the market to shop for items for my side hustle. How longer can the day get? There was definitely going to be a debit alert afterwards so I still did not understand the excitement. Maybe it is due to the stay-positive book and videos I have been reading and watching of late. Anyways, with a high dose of positivity, I walk towards the bus-stop.

A woman in a private car packed awkwardly at the junction and hailed at passengers to come in, she was probably using the opportunity that she might find people going along her route to make a few funds. A young man is standing about a meter away from the car, as I walked towards them, I could hear the man talking rudely to the woman “See how you just park anyhow, you just put your car for road, come block everywhere. Abeg, carry yourself dey go jor!

The woman ignores him and continues to invite people into her vehicle. At this point, I had gotten to the junction and stood not too far from the man. Immediately he sighted me, he said “Hello” in the sweetest voice I have heard and with the broadest smile I have ever seen.

The switch from zero to hundred was super quick.

“Hello” I responded a bit taken aback.

In my mind “oh well, that was fast, oga, you just behaved in an unmanly manner seconds ago, can we not get cordial please?”

Coincidentally, we both entered the next taxi but thankfully he sat in front while I sat at the back.

I was a bit happy because I would not be forced to have conversations with him throughout the journey.

Apparently, he was not about to give up, he put one hand on the back rest of the driver and continued to look back at me sheepishly, grinning like a puppy.

I look at him expressionlessly while trying not to be rude.

“I am Stanley and I am into fashion”

I assess him for a few seconds – ‘you are not looking bad’ I thought

“My name is Lucy”

“Oh, ok” he responded while still grinning awkwardly

Other passengers had entered the car, yet this young man still kept looking back from time to time and grinning at me.

Eventually he summoned up courage, he looked back again;

“Can I have your phone number?”

“No” as politely as I can.

“Ok, so can you have my number?

I weigh my options,


I type the digits on my phone and go ahead to place a call to by room-mate.

“Babe, how far, are you at home?, what are we having for dinner? I am still on my way to the market”

My roommate and I chat for some minutes and I ended the call.

Mr. Stanley is still looking back at me,

Excuse me sir, were you thinking I was going to call you, that would be me giving you my phone number, don’t you think?”  I thought to myself as I turn to my phone again.

As soon as the Taxi got to my bus-stop, I alighted and gave a smirk,

Uncle, you did not even pay my 200 Naira transport fare and you want my phone number

Puff, I let out air as I walked away.

That is how I am still single guys and Valentine is around the corner.

That uncle that was so rude in public is a NO for me.

Anyways, we move!

Anything can happen in 48 hours.

Don’t you think?

P.S: I am sorry, I have not posted any article this year. This article was supposed to come before Valentine but my blog has been acting up since the year began. Hopefully, it will cooperate from now on.