Hi there so there is a new poet on the block. He is filled with some real good stuff and serves it in style. Lets welcome  AKINPELU OLOLADE
.. a Pharmacist with a calm demeanor. Plus…you would probably need a dictionary to full grasp this message.ENJOY


Life isn’t all about existing in this panoramic lyceum, but a wholesome Celeste of patterned and purposed track in the Creator’s heart.

“Who is this that cometh from Edom, with DYED garments from Bozrah?

What a long trek it was for a young, yoke-free, stainlessly white haired sheep (Aguntan funfun bolojo) that tsunamic epoch-day as the new rich owner winded her home! Vis-a-vis a beckon of welcome, she was banqueted in freshly sliced and scented cassava tubers.

Oh she ate to her “running-over” satisfaction, not being informed that she was thus guested an august winning and dinning so as to be won and dyed in August!

After a spacesome respite, the snowy white sheep glaringly gazed a darkish blue emulsion (with a permanent stain seal), wondering and thundering what that could portend for her, she commenced a baaing, whinging, and bleating brouhaha with a noisome kerfuffle.

Fenced around by agile merciless young men, held to the earth like mount Everest, behold, she was blemished, tainted and painted in an antonym of herself; thereafter released, but the ruining deed had been done, her prime was customized, passworded and accustomed. No more her heavenly design would she be!

Until you experience a healing for your soul you cannot appreciate your God-given design. Most of the earthly refinements humans have accepted and undergone have only dashed and doomed their pure design. Retrace your design today through the Maker and Savior Jesus Christ.