“Go to the Ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise…” so says the Holy bible. These very little creatures caught my attention lately; I observed their lifestyle and even read more about them. I found out some interesting facts about them and drew lessons for us humans.
·         The ant can lift 20 times their own body weight and I hear some humans say they are involved in only one thing or have only one source of income when you can do as many things as possible.
·         Ants are clean and tidy animals, some worker ants are given the task of taking dirt outside. Did you get a message from that?  I have met some really disorganized people who take a long time getting ready for work or whatever they are going out to do. This is because they go through a routine of looking for some misplaced clothing, footwear, file or document every time they want to go out. And yet they do not decide to organize themselves.
·         Worker ants move the eggs and larvae deep into their hole at night to protect them from cold. Be proactive; don’t wait until there is a problem before you start seeking for solution.
·         Ants are nomadic and are always moving; do not remain at the same level. Seek to get better, improve and progress. Some people have gotten a degree and for the next twenty years they never seek to get another one or enter for a development program. They remain at the same level until children born after them who have upgraded themselves replace them at work. The rate of information spread and knowledge increase is overwhelming so you cannot afford to remain at the same level for too long.
·         Red species have a sting with which they use to protect themselves. be security conscious and protect yourself  from avoidable dangers
·         Queen ants lay eggs while worker ants look for food and protect eggs, Delegate duties and work as a team when you have to work with people.
 I am sure you have learnt a lot as well.