I am an over thinker if there is a word like that. I tend to weigh issues very thoroughly and this has made me not to take some decisions and has also made me a bad risk taker on some issues. Anyway, over time I have learnt to drop some of this habit, to flow along and catch some fun. But there were these scenarios I witnessed and I thought I should share with you and the lessons I learnt from my over thinking.
I was on a bike to a certain destination and I saw a young man of about my age holding an elderly woman’s hand and assisting her to cross the road to the other side. Peacefully, the woman allowed him to lead her through, trusting in his youthfulness and strength knowing full well that he would not let her be hurt. I starred at them for some seconds and then I thought that life was really in stages. I thought backwards that as a child full of energy whenever they wanted to cross that same road, the woman would have held his hands firmly and despite his protests to go on his own she would have  resisted vehemently. She would never have trusted his young mind to know how to cross the road himself. But now, twenty to thirty years after, roles have changed and she could now willingly allow herself to be led across.
Another scenario was the one I experienced at the market on the first day of this year, this old woman entered the market, she looked so old, her skin was thoroughly folded and she had no footwear on, people starred at her like she dropped from heaven. I kept wondering how on earth she made her way to the market in the first instance; she looked so old she should not be out of some care’s sight and especially during that festive period when the market is always unusually busy. She walked at the pace of a one year old child just learning to walk and her back was bent. I could not help but look pitifully at her. She kept looking at everyone from stall to stall and attempted asking for the prices of their items but most people did not bother to answer her and I wondered why. Then she came to a stall and the person there responded to her but she stayed so long there, I could see the seller straining to hear her and then I knew they had problems communicating with one another. Funny enough, she had money on her so there was not a problem of her paying for the required item, I kept wondering for a while shortly after which my friend arrived and I left to attend to the main purpose of coming.
And that is just how life is, it is in stages. When we were young we had all the energy and time, at mid age there was money but time was running out and then at old age, we probably have made all the money but energy is gone and time was far spent. So what were the lessons I learnt you would ask, I learnt to make hay while the sun shines, I have learnt to take risks, I have learnt that with each passing day, I am ageing and then there will be the time when there is no energy left in me so I had better get as many things done, I have learnt not to procrastinate because tomorrow may never come and then I have learnt to take life at a less personal level. I hope you learnt something as well. I wish you a happy and wonderful year.