Hi there….I know…I know…I have been out of here for a while. I apologise before you give that “where hath thou been?” look. 
I AM SO VERY SORRY…OR VERY SO SORRY…Choose one or the two! Lolzzzzz.

So you see…this life is full of ups and downs…good and not-so-good….no need to form Mr Machoo…we all have our limits…let me take you back to secondary school physics…can you recall the Hooke’s law stuff. The gist about a material exceeding its elastic limit and co.

Yes…you and I have our limits. That point when we  think we cant continue…and when we really cant. The point when we are almost breaking…the point when it seems all hope is lost…the point when things are not just working according to plan…infact…things are against plan. You know those points I am talking about.

Well my take is…we all need a support group. No need to carry the “I can handle it all by myself”placard when actually your world is caving in at light speed. Rely on your support group…people who will be there for you no matter how bad things are. Trust me..there are always such people…maybe family, friends, colleagues, people in your religious group and so on.

Learn to be sometimes vulnerable and seek help when necessary because most times the help and support we need is at the disposal of someone closeby. That said…do have a fulfilling week.