I woke that fateful morning, the sky was clear (which is expected) and I had hopes of a good and fulfilling day. Stepping out of my room which is located in the staff quarters of an institution, I moved towards the central tap which feeds all the houses in the quarters with water to get some water. You must be kidding me! – The tap was not running. That was quite unusual because I used the tap even a day before and there was no trace that the water would get finished soon. I stood startled for some minutes before moving over to the central lock to cross check in case it was locked centrally.
After some minutes of coming to terms with reality, I settled for the few drops coming from the tap- hoping that at least It will help fill up a bucket “after all, few drops of water make a mighty ocean” I said to myself. I went about my other chores and came back to check and lo- the bucket was full with water. “Whoa! Let me bring another bucket”I thought and off I went. In less than fifteen minutes the other bucket was full and I eventually got all the water I needed for that day. Reminiscing on the scenario, I got some lessons.
Little drops really do make a might ocean, little things that we take as inconsequential matter a lot. Little deeds of kindness, little act of selfishness, little mean words etc. so I made up my mind to mind the little things I want to feed my eyes on, to be careful of the little things I say, to mind the little step I feet would want to take and the little things I may want to hear bearing in mind that little things accumulate to great things.
Another major lesson is that the bucket eventually got full –it only took a longer time. So who says you cannot get to where you want to be in life? Or be who you want to be? The person does not exist because soon or later you can be anything you want to be as long as you keep at it, after all the end justifies the means. So, if you feel you are way behind your mates and you are almost resigning to mediocrity, don’t give up but keep moving by all means and very soon, you will get to where you want to be.