Hi there, this is a thought that has been on my mind for a while now and I thought it well to share as usual.

I discovered that life has no absolutes, sometimes we are tempted to compare ourselves with others. There is no absolute hard stick for success or happiness. What gives person A joy and fulfillment is the starting point of person B.

We have different paths in life and comparison with another person would only kill our joy and happiness.

Rather we should take time to live our life individually. To define our own yard stick for happiness.

The Bible has said it all by saying “They that compare themselves with one another are not wise”.

I remember meeting someone late last year who was wondering at how much some persons younger than him had achieved.

I listened to him bare his mind but before I could talk, he had a rethink and said “Anyway, I am grateful, what they have achieved, I have not achieved and what I have achieved, they haven’t achieved too”

I said “yes, very true and that is the most important thing”.

Every one pursues first what they feel would give them the needed fulfillment.

So as the new year grows old, we should make up our minds not to allow another person’s life be our yard stick for happiness but rather take out time to live life to the full, take risks and have fun because in the long run, what others think of us wouldn’t matter.

That said, I wish you a fulfilling year! Cheers!