Ever thought of what the word MERCY means? And how much it entails? One story in the bible comes to my mind and I want to share.
There were two friends who loved each other very well. One was a young man (Jonathan) with an opportunity to the throne in a particular kingdom. The other was a lad from one of the smallest provinces in the kingdom (David). Despite this background difference, they loved each other so well and were known to do a lot of things together.
However things turned around for them because the king of the kingdom (Saul) did not like his son’s friend. He hated him so much that he made attempts to kill him on various situations without success. One thing led to another and before long the heir to the throne died.  His friend wept and mourned. The king made so many other attempts to kill the lad from the poor background because he was ordained the new heir by God.
Many years passed away and the king died, the young lad became a powerful king and very much loved by God and man. One day, he remembered his late friend and all the good times they had shared. He decided to reciprocate his friend’s kind gestures, so he called out for anyone remaining of that lineage to have the life time opportunity to have his or her daily meal at the king’s table. Fortunately, a young lame man was left.
That is one of the instances where I have seen mercy at work. To understand better imagine the president of a country (maybe yours) deciding to give you (an unknown person) a lifetime opportunity to have meals at his table. Imagine you have to wine and dine with the most influential person in the society. That young man did not to merit such privilege but when mercy works for a man then all other things look flimsy.
Time and time again people have shared testimonies on how they got an unexpected connection, job, contract and breakthrough when they did not merit it at all. So friend, God is still in the business of helping and surprising his creatures. All you need do is to place total trust in him and sooner than you expect he will surprise you.Before you step out daily remember to say “God show me mercy today”