So my friend Aanu Odedere wrote  a poem about her 2016 and I promised her I would summarise my year as well.

On Faith- God is the ultimate, He takes, He gives, He raises up, He abases. SO I WOULD RATHER BE ON HIS GOOD SIDE. And so must you!

On Family- they are those people you can count on and sometimes they dont have to be blood relatives. Never be too busy to spend time with them.

On money making- It is just a means to an end. Let it not be your driving force.

On human relationship- It is a gift that keeps on giving. Do all you can to strengthen them rather than break them. Dont be quick to discard people. You will most likely need them sometimes later.

On love relationship- making the right choice, working at it, making conscious efforts to improve, taking the risk to love and be loved in return is all that matters.

On health- health is wealth, face your fears. We most likely die from the fear than from the condition itself.

On friendship- people have various reasons for being around you but trust me.No one is disposable.

On living- live life large, live it to the fullest, study that dream course, start that dream company or business, go on that dream vacation, go out with friends and family, cherish every moment spent, let people know how important they are, make a positive impact. In the long run, those are the things truly count.

Those are the lessons i have learned last year and most importantly is TO TRUST GOD.
Have a great year. Cheers!